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Texas Hold’em Strategy

Strategy becomes indispensable for effectively playing any version of online poker. Not all strategies work interchangeably. Assuming that you would play Low limit Texas Hold’em poker game as a beginner, here we try to take you through a strategy that will help you wing. As you move up in limits and find tougher opposition, your Hold'em strategy would also develop likewise.

Winning in a low limit Texas Hold’em isn't easy. In many ways making a strategy that consistently wins at middle limit is easier. Actually, there are several books about Texas Hold’em but most are aimed at upper limits. Using the same strategy at Lower limits often would result in a real loss, not a win. Next when you are learning Hold’em at low limits, there are seldom any good players to learn from. Thus you get a twisted view of how the game should be played correctly. If a person was really good and capable of winning, he would have progressed up the limit ranking to bigger games. You may run into a good player now and then but it is very infrequent compared to the vast numbers of poorly informed players overrunning the poker community.

Also, when you are first starting out, you have no good knowledge or bankroll to build upon. Your groundwork is little or nothing since there isn't much out there to read or learn. Now with all that said, it is possible to beat low limit Hold’em and in no way should you think that you need to start higher. The learning curve may be sharp but once you get over the fence, you will find that moving up the ranks is easier than first starting out. You should derive comfort in the fact that all the other players are facing the same challenges you are. Taking the step to learn strategy as against chaotically playing gives you a key advantage.

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