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New poker players don’t give enough thought to betting. Betting is one of the most important aspects of poker, especially online poker. The reason it’s so important is that your betting will give your opponent information and control the action. When you manage your betting, you determine what information your opponent gets and you take charge of the pot. Here’s how you do it:

How to Raise
When you enter the pot for a raise, you should tend to raise 3x the big blind. If there are limpers in the pot, you should add one big blind for every limper. For example, if the blinds are 10/20 and there are two limpers, you should raise to 100 (20x3= 60+20+20= 100). If you’re not comfortable raising that much, you shouldn’t enter the pot.

How to Re-raise
Re-raises work similar to regular raises in that you should raise about 3x the original raise. If the original raise is small, you should probably raise pot instead.

How to C-Bet
C-bets are the most common bluff in poker. When you raise pre-flop, you should usually bet the flop regardless of whether you hit or not. A c-bet should be about ½ to 2/3 the pot depending on how large the pot is. The larger the pot, the less you should bet.

Make sure you always bet roughly the same percentage of the pot regardless of whether you hit or miss. That way your opponents won’t be able to read you and will have to throw away their hand unless they have something.

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When you’re the one betting and raising, you’re the one who controls the pot and the person that controls the pot has a big advantage in no-limit Texas Hold’em. Scale your bets carefully and make sure you don’t give your opponents good odds to call when you have a hand.
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