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Hand Odds can be a big factor in Texas Holdem. Being aware of what your chances are of completing your flush, or how many outs you have to make your straight are major factors to consider. This coupled with the knowledge of how to calculate the odds are a key to consistent wins in a tournament.

Hand Odds are usually the chances of you making a hand. To compute this, you first need to decide how many outs you have. An "out" is a card in the deck that can really help make your hand. For instance, if you got 8 & 9 and the flop comes down with 2 clubs, that leaves 9 more clubs in the deck considering there are thirteen cards of each suit. Hence, you would have 9 outs to hit your flush. Don't panic if or not someone else is holding a club when calculating your odds. Since you don't know for sure what they have, you can only compute it based on the information that is available i.e. what you hold, and what you see on the board.

A very easy way to make out what your hand odds are after the flop is to just multiply the number of outs you have by 4. This will provide you a fairly close estimation of what your percentage is of making your hand.

To calculate the percentage of making your hand after the turn, just multiply your outs by 2.

To compute the ratio of your hand odds, just use this calculation: (100 / whole %) - 1.

Now to take an example. If I have a flush draw with nine outs, my percentage will be 36%. So my ratio would be 100 / 36 - 1, which would be 2.8 - 1, which would be 1.8. That means I have roughly a 2:1 chance of making your hand.
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